A psychedelic ride from the Austrian capital - ‘Songs of Vienna’ is the new album by Clemens Bacher aka Cid Rim

All tracks, instruments and vocals written and played by Clemens Bacher; except “Too Long” written by Clemens Bacher and Denai Moore. Recorded by Clemens Bacher, Sixtus Preiss and Sam Irl at Sixtus Preiss’ Studio, Dorian Concept & The Clonious’ Studio and Sam Irl’s studio in Vienna and at Warp Records Studio and Al’s place in London. Produced by Clemens Bacher. Additional vocals by Madeleine Bujatti on “Purgatory” and Eva Klampfer on “Rain”. Choir on “Paul’s” and “The Marrow”: Madeleine Bujatti, Eva Klampfer, Lucia Karnig, Anja Obermayer, Bernhard Höchtel, Harald Baumgartner. Published by Warp Music. Mastered by Paul Movahedi. Design by Chloe Scheffe. First pressing features gloss laminate art and opaque ‘white plate’ vinyl.